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The bundle branch block series

February 10, 2021

This week we deep dive the most interesting cases of Bundle Branch Block and explore defining characteristics including bradycardia and rate dependencies, nocturnal pauses and  the crochetage sign, just to name a few!

1. Nocturnal pauses and bundle branch block – what is this?

Showing a number of 2.8 second nocturnal pauses and bundle branch block, this case begs the question: is this high degree AV block and does the patient need a pacemaker? Using 11 difference traces, Assoc Prof Harry Mond delves into the topic of Wenckebach. Read more.


2. Rate dependent bundle branch block

Exploring another ventricular aberration, we look at rate dependent bundle branch block, its defining characteristics, a number of important differential diagnoses and how to avoid serious misdiagnosis. Read more.

3. Boring bundle branch block

We proved not all bundle branch blocks are boring. Now we delve even deeper into mistaken rhythms, common misdiagnosis and those rarely talked about, including the crochetage sign. Read more.

4. Bundle branch block

Assoc Prof Mond discusses the not so boring bundle branch block while exploring some puzzling occurrences including alternating bundle branch block and bidirectional rhythm. The clue is in the rhythm strip. Read more.


About Assoc Prof Harry Mond

In 49+ years as a practicing cardiologist, Assoc Prof Harry Mond has published 260+ published manuscripts & books. A co-founder of CardioScan, he remains Medical Director and oversees 500K+ heart studies each year.

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